Run Toward the Roar

Run Toward
the Roar

Run Toward the Roar with your host John Robertson brought to you by Fortlog

Run Toward the Roar

with your host John Robertson

Do you ever wonder if there was a different way to view really thriving and living? When a roar happens in life there are normal fight, flight, freeze and appease reactions but what would happen if we ran toward the roar instead of merely reacting?

Run Toward the Roar reframes thriving and resilience to find and focus on what you love so that you will be faithful and loyal regardless of the roars that cross your path.

Whether it is encouraging your team, or self-leadership RTTR is a practical, and applicable approach to influencing, and encouraging people to thrive.

This podcast is based on the Amazon best seller “Run Toward the Roar: Transform Crisis and Change into the Opportunity to Thrive”.

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John Robertson

John is absolutely invested in everything he does, in both his business and personal life. He invests his time, energy, faith, presence, initiative, and willingness to serve. The depth of his values-anchored commitment to forward growth in himself and others strengthens his relationships and is the foundation for his solution focused training.

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