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Episode 24


The Simplest Way To Learn And Keep On Your Bearing - It's Not What Many Think

January 25, 2024

The Simplest Way To Learn And Keep On Your Bearing - It's Not What Many Think

In this episode of Run Toward the Roar, host John Robertson dives deep into the power of learning and living true to one’s values. He emphasizes the importance of faith in living purposefully and thriving, drawing parallels between the true North and magnetic North as a metaphor for staying on course in life. By connecting to social support and core values, John stresses the significance of not drawing a line in the sand, but in wet concrete to truly thrive.

John shares a personal anecdote about a career counseling event, revealing the value of teaching and practicing one’s values through an embarrassing moment. His conversation with a friend on defining and living personal and company values further highlights the importance of modeling and teaching values in fostering connections and relationships.

He delves into the concept that relationships start with understanding and connecting with others, not just empathy or sympathy. John emphasizes the significance of listening, asking for feedback, and self-disclosing to clarify values. Understanding and honoring individual wiring is crucial, as values reflect personality and nature, impacting our connections and relationships.

The episode delves into the impact of truth, rules, and discipline without relationships and the potential for moral injury when forced to violate deeply held beliefs. Drawing examples from the movie “Hacksaw Ridge” and experiences at Google, John sheds light on how unhealthy and demoralizing environments in workplaces can lead to moral injuries.

Finally, John explores the complexities of forgiveness and the necessity of including it in discussions about teaching, sharing, and values. He emphasizes that forgiveness is an act of will, consciously choosing to let go of wrongs done to us and rejecting the goals of payback or revenge – instead, practicing grace towards the offender.

John is doing market research to determine how he can best support this community. If you would be willing to have a 20-minute conversation to help in that market research, please email He is only seeking input without asking for sign-ups or commitments.

What to expect in this episode:

00:00 Connect to support, values, draw lines, teach.
03:47 Pep rally at work, seeking market feedback.
08:59 Developing friendship, values discussion, practicing them.
11:31 Starting a relationship: listening and self-disclosure.
14:35 Finish what we start, honor values, relationship.
19:19 Denial of actions, moral injury, impact on individuals.
22:41 Unhealthy work environments create moral injuries.
26:54 Choosing forgiveness is vital for meaningful relationships.
29:59 Commitments and deliverables build or erode trust.

About John Robertson

John Robertson is one of the leading Coaches, Consultants, and Speakers that Leaders in the workplace look to “when things start to feel like they’re falling apart” due to issues with their staff, support systems, and company “ethos” (character and habit driven behaviors that either make or break an organization during times of crisis). Find out more about his THRIVE-based Books, Training, and Resources here.

Driven by a “recognition of others’ strengths” and a deep-seated faith in their ability to find their way through even the most challenging of times— John creates an intensely inspiring environment for recovery, optimization, and triumph.

With over 30 years of experience leading large groups through his involvement in the church alongside shepherding public-service organizations (such as Townships, Firefighters, Police, and First Responders) through their own points of crisis and transition, John is counted on time and time again as “the steady voice of reason during even the most challenging of storms”.

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