Run Toward the Roar

Run Toward
the Roar

Run Toward
the Roar

Transform Crisis and Change into the Opportunity to Thrive

Run Toward the Roar with your host John Robertson brought to you by Fortlog

Launched July 20th

Run Toward the Roar Podcast

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“As I approach the waning years of my career, and look to the future new realities, I recognize I have largely led a resilient life. Run Towards the Roar is a book my younger self could have used to learn how to thrive in my life. John Robertson’s Run Towards the Roar offers the reader thoughtful and reasoned guideposts towards thriving in today’s world.”

~ Debi Lucas Switzer ~

Did you ever wonder if there was a different way to view really thriving and truly being alive? Author John Robertson did as he kept seeing people reacting to issues after the fact. When a “roar” happens in life there are normal fight, flight, freeze, and appease reactions but what would happen if we ran toward the roar instead of merely reacting?