Run Toward the Roar

Run Toward
the Roar

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To give you a sense of my values, one of the greatest challenges I wrestle with, is buying something without getting a sense of what it is I am buying! Maybe I have trust issues, but something sounds so incredible and then I get it – talk about buyer regret.

Maybe that is why so many are offering the easy returns within 30 or 60 days, or one company allowing returns up to 365 days?

This chapter is simply, giving you a taste of what it is you are getting into with this book. I know you will not love everything I say, or all the content. Isn’t that the lousy part of growth? It is challenging, uncomfortable, and let’s be honest, at times we just don’t like it.

If we want to thrive, to grow, and potentially have lived the life I believe you and I are called to have, then I encourage you to sign up to review a chapter.

That means you and I need to Run Toward the Roar. I look forward to the journey with you