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Run Toward
the Roar

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To Run toward the Roar we all need encouragement and equipping. There are two download options for you here. Ones which are free and available by just clicking, the other downloads are about values.

Please do not read Run Toward the Roar and put it back on the shelf [a shelf-help book]. The Discovery Guide is focused on the practical and the application.

There are two components to this page:

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Discovery Guide and resources

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There is NO payment for the Discovery Guide or these resources. In lieu of payment, we would ask that you donate to a charity, think about a charity that serves others impacted by crisis or significant issues. This is done in a trust model, so I trust that you have done that.

As a values statement, I wanted to set the bar right from the outset, which means putting values into practise. This is why it is a required field.

Run Toward the Roar is all about the values of your Passio Fidelis.

I look forward to being an encourager for you

additional Resources

Please find some additional complimentary resources which may help you learn more about the purpose of Run Toward the Roar and learn more about John and his work.

Living I am In an I have Culture

Core Values Sorting Guidelines