Run Toward the Roar

Run Toward
the Roar

John is absolutely invested in everything he does, in both his business and personal life. He invests his time, energy, faith, presence, initiative, and willingness to serve. The depth of his values-anchored commitment to forward growth in himself and others strengthens his relationships and is the foundation for his solution focused training.

Taking the long view, John is steadfastly willing to experience short term cost for long-term gain. Because he is confident that he’s living his values, and he’s at peace with the discomfort or sacrifice required to ultimately achieve growth. This enduring trust allows him to be calm and focused, while simultaneously maintaining a passionate faithfulness to his values.

The most significant investment one can make is the investment of self. John gives his all – heart, mind, body, and soul – to his commitments and, faithful to his passions, he believes wholeheartedly that when people receive the help they need, that is its own reward. 

John lives his life with a spirit of faith, helpfulness, motivation, encouragement, and truth. He confides that when he’s invited into a boat, which others feel like it is sinking, he’s right beside the crew, exclaiming how exciting the situation is and cheering them on with a rousing call of, “Let’s paddle!” This exemplifies John’s spirit of challenge – how he inspires people to grow, to refine and discover their best selves, particularly in the midst of chaos and crisis.

He has an energetic, engaged, community-focused spirit with a “gift of humour”, rendering him warm and approachable. His cordial, collegial demeanor and authentic humanity provide him with an “uncanny ability to establish rapport.” It’s easy to imagine a casual conversation with John lasting several hours and taking many twists and turns – never once will he make you feel rushed or like you have less than his full attention.

John is incredibly self-aware and intensely perceptive of others and of his surrounding environment. With insight born of empathy, philosophy, and common sense, John makes and articulates connections that are not visible to others. 

Part detective, part decoder, John uses his insights to predict and extrapolate actions or events. When he reveals what he observes and knows, he provides his clients with the opportunity to create pro-active solutions. He encourages people to “think about their thinking,” and revels in their aha-moments.

John leads by example, enhancing the lives and businesses of all who know him. He provides practical, useful, functional advice and proven, effective solutions with excellence and efficiency. Setting high standards to enhance the resilience of his clients, he’s a dependable companion on their path to a thriving life and business.

Combining an element of alchemy with the principles of cartography, John’s action-oriented solutions begin with him mapping out the journey, and then facilitating the transformation of individuals and organizations. He draws on wisdom and experience gained from his own reversal of discouragement to encouragement throughout his life. With the quiet faith of a shepherd leading his sheep, John’s leadership authority comes from within as he helps others navigate the perils of life.