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Episode 22


Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I am?

January 4, 2024

Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am?

In this episode of Run Toward The Roar, host John Robertson delves into the theme of transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability in relationships. Drawing inspiration from philosopher Hannah Arendt’s experience of rejection by a group, Robertson examines the fear of being transparent about who we are. He challenges listeners to ponder whether they can relate to this fear and emphasizes the importance of finding genuine connections in order to thrive and live our true values.

John explores different levels of sharing in relationships, highlighting the significance of finding listeners who can truly handle transparency and vulnerability. As he encourages listeners to confront the superficial appearance of relationships, the episode delves into the depth of communication, ranging from surface-level conversations to genuine, vulnerable interactions. John shares a personal story about sitting with someone who listened without speaking, sparking a powerful, emotive exchange and reinforcing the importance of moral courage and deep relationships.

Throughout the episode, John discusses the concept of faith in a broader context beyond religious beliefs, linking it to the acceptance of experiences and values in our lives. He urges listeners to resist succumbing to the crowd’s influence and to stand against the urgent in order to maintain genuine connections and relationships. Drawing from real-world examples such as the Tylenol and Shower to Shower companies’ responses to crises, John illustrates the importance of moral courage and transparency in navigating life’s challenges.

As the episode progresses, John shares a captivating story about Matilda, who borrowed a valuable necklace, lost it, and replaced it with a costly one using borrowed money. It took her and her husband years of hard work and sacrifice to repay the borrowed amount, only to discover that the original necklace was worth much less than the replacement. This anecdote serves as a powerful metaphor for the depth of communication and relationships, emphasizing the significance of genuine connections, honesty, and moral courage.

Finally, John encourages his audience to participate in the conversation, seeking input and guidance for market research on forming a pilot group for a deeper-level huddle. He expresses the need for a community where individuals can be transparent and vulnerable, reflecting on the possibility of creating a deeper-level huddle for sharing values and emotions. With a teaser for a future conversation about navigating life’s challenges and the existence of “two norths,” the episode leaves listeners eager to engage in deeper, more meaningful discussions.

What to expect in this episode:

00:00 Afraid to be transparent and genuine.
05:31 Encourage mutual transparency and authenticity for growth.
09:48 Choose what matters for genuine, transparent connections.
13:57 Friend reveals the false value of the borrowed necklace.
16:43 Lack of deep conversation leads to frustration.
21:29 Dealing with loss, need practical help.
26:00 I need to get organized, trust me.
29:52 Deepen connections through moral courage and values.
33:56 Being a good person isn’t easy.
35:52 Embrace moral courage and form a supportive community.
38:53 Share thoughts, emotions, and courage for help.

About John Robertson

John Robertson is one of the leading Coaches, Consultants, and Speakers that Leaders in the workplace look to “when things start to feel like they’re falling apart” due to issues with their staff, support systems, and company “ethos” (character and habit driven behaviors that either make or break an organization during times of crisis). Find out more about his THRIVE-based Books, Training, and Resources here.

Driven by a “recognition of others’ strengths” and a deep-seated faith in their ability to find their way through even the most challenging of times— John creates an intensely inspiring environment for recovery, optimization, and triumph.

With over 30 years of experience leading large groups through his involvement in the church alongside shepherding public-service organizations (such as Townships, Firefighters, Police, and First Responders) through their own points of crisis and transition, John is counted on time and time again as “the steady voice of reason during even the most challenging of storms”.

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