Run Toward the Roar

Run Toward
the Roar


Episode 10: A Good Captain is not Made from Calm Seas

The how far we get to go in life is determined by how willing we are to continue. That being said, our attitude is one of the important support structures in our ability to thrive.

In this episode of Run Toward The Roar, John talks about understanding ourselves enough to work on how we respond to triggers around us, and how crucial it is to have people who can help us navigate through the eddies that tend to keep us stuck in one place.

Take a moment to listen and learn about the impact of attitude in every single event of our lives, while keeping in mind that our attitude in responding is how we choose it to be.

Episode 9: Being Vulnerable Can Lead to Victory When Emotions and Feelings Get Set Apart

How important is passion in thriving? Doesn’t it mean that being passionate about something means being emotionally vulnerable to it?

In this episode of Run Toward The Roar, John continues to guide us in running towards the roar, as he tackles our understanding of counseling versus coaching, and how people in crisis don’t even know that they are in that state.

Join us in this conversation with John regarding emotions, feelings, passion, and attitude. Discover how these connect with how we navigate through life, and how we cope with grief.

Episode 8: What is with the Attitude?

There are very few things we can control in our life that has a major and long-term impact on our future. In this episode of Run Toward The Roar, John talks about how attitude shapes everything in our life, being the lens through which we navigate and run toward the roar. He gives specific life experiences of people he has helped to make us understand and easily relate with the lessons.

Episode 7: Prepare the Child for the Path-Not the Path for the Child

In this episode of Run Toward The Roar, John talks about preparing the child for the path, teaching them ways to thrive instead of just reacting or responding to whatever life throws at them. John gives us key insight into the ABCs of Run Towards the Roar Ethos as well as helping us understand the role of direction and focus, and learning how to develop good physical crisis response.

Episode 6: The Road to Success is Dotted with Many Tempting Parking Places

The most memorable trips are those that did not go according to plan. This holds true for life, and we are not so stressed about it if we made a plan beforehand. In this episode of Run Towards the Roar, John takes us on a journey to self-examination regarding the importance and benefit of having a plan, understanding passion, learning life lessons, defining our abilities, and harnessing our nature.