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Run Toward
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Episode 7


Prepare the child for the path-Not the path for the child

August 31, 2023

Prepare the child for the path-not the path for the child

Welcome to Run Toward The Roar!

In this episode of Run Toward The Roar, John talks about preparing the child for the path, teaching them ways to thrive instead of just reacting or responding to whatever life throws at them. John gives us key insight into the ABCs of Run Towards the Roar Ethos as well as helping us understand the role of direction and focus, and learning how to develop good physical crisis response.


What to expect in this episode:

00:42 – Preparing the child for the path.
02:47 – The principal, my son, and the muddy snow pile.
05:33 – Ending in a place of Why.
07:33 – Attitude, belief, and connections.
11:09 – The role of Focus and Direction in your life.
13:14 – The implication and interpretation of stress
16:00 – The role of the brain in reacting or responding.
18:06 – On cortisol levels and getting a handle on stress.
22:01 – A story about attitude and response
24:36 – A simple tactic for good physical crisis response
29:55 – REST: Recreation, Envision, Sleep, Thanks

About John Robertson

John Robertson is one of the leading Coaches, Consultants, and Speakers that Leaders in the workplace look to “when things start to feel like they’re falling apart” due to issues with their staff, support systems, and company “ethos” (character and habit driven behaviors that either make or break an organization during times of crisis). Find out more about his THRIVE-based Books, Training, and Resources here.

Driven by a “recognition of others’ strengths” and a deep-seated faith in their ability to find their way through even the most challenging of times— John creates an intensely inspiring environment for recovery, optimization, and triumph.

With over 30 years of experience leading large groups through his involvement in the church alongside shepherding public-service organizations (such as Townships, Firefighters, Police, and First Responders) through their own points of crisis and transition, John is counted on time and time again as “the steady voice of reason during even the most challenging of storms”.

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About the book

If you would like to follow along in an easy format please go to Amazon and purchase a copy of the book Run Toward The Roar: Transforming Crisis and Change into the Opportunity to Thrive, as that is the theme that we will be building on.

If you’re willing to please send me an e-mail, I would like to send you chapter one of the discovery guide so that I can encourage you in the thinking of this journey.

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